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Legal consulting in acquisition and disposal of estates:

1. Due diligence of the real estate legal status about charges on the estate by third parties. Procuration of certificates for charges.

2. Preparation of the documents for disposal of property. Drafting preliminary and final contracts for purchase and sale of real estates and construction. Preparation of notarial deeds for sale-trade and exchange of real estates, notarial deeds for donations and disposal of property in exchange for obligations of support and care, notarial deeds for building lease, notarial deeds for right of use and right of way. Contractual mortgage. Voluntary and legal division of co-owned property.

3. Analysis of investment projects including legal consulting and preparation of documents for alteration of the legal status of the land. Issuing of plan for examination and constructional engineering as well as construction permits in accordance with the Law of territory and the corresponding sub-delegated legislation. Conclusion of construction treaties and treaties for working plan, for appointment of independent construction supervision and investment control. Preliminary contract for disposal of property in exchange for compensations and construction. Contracts for management and maintenance of real estates.

4. Preparation of power of attorney and notarial invitations.

5. Notarial finalization of deals including tax calculations, notarial and legal taxes. Representation in front of notary.

6. Procedure representation and legal defence in civil lawsuits.

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